*About us
At Q 97.3 fm we play more of your
favorite country music 24 hours 7 days a
week. We also have local news at 6am,
7am, 12:30pm, and 5pm. Community
bulletin board at 8am, 12noon, and 4pm.
And we carry Riverside football,
basketball, baseball, and softball. Tn
River Sports Talk with Charles
Cavagnaro each Monday after the 5
o'clock news. UT and Titans football
round out our sports line up. Listen each
Thursday morning at 5am and Sundays
at 9am for the Songwriters House radio
show hosted by Terry Stephens.     

On AM 1550 we play  a great mix of
southern gospel and bluegrass. We
have news at 7am, 12:30pm, and
4:30pm. Community bulletin board at
8am, 12noon, and 4pm. We also have
variety of religious programing on
Saturday and Sunday mornings. You
can hear  a replay of each Riverside
football game at 9:30am on Saturday
mornings during the season.
Q97.3 FM
Clenney Broadcasting Corp.